Our know-how

Whichever type of glass is used, it is revealed as soon as the artist gives free rein to his or her creativity.

A team of artisan glass makers who are experts in decorative processes on plate glass, acid etching, colour coating and special sandblasting techniques.

Denis Bocquet Impression’s workshop will carry out projects in the tradition of engravers (decorative arts, heritage restoration, etc.) as well as use state-of-the-art contemporary art techniques for architectural firms, kitchen designers, bathroom manufacturers, designers, artists and other players in the sector…


Acid etching:
Our current acid treatments are based on techniques from the late 19th century Art Deco era and have been updated to enhance the decorative aspect of contemporary architectural projects. We can therefore trace our craft back to the period etchings still produced in our workshops.
Soft and sensual, traditional acids allow glass to reveal its natural warmth and your exclusive creations to truly shine through. Four tones for unparalleled effect.

CRISTALI, the softness of velvet.
CRISTALII/III, the sensuality of satin.
CRISTALIV, diaphanous exclusivity.

Based on these three treatments, many bespoke variations are possible for a contrasting and sophisticated result.


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Special sandblasting techniques

In our workshop, sandblasting is not used in its primary function. Rather, it allows us to hollow out glass to different depths or to add nuances by applying coatings in certain patterns.

We also use sandblasting as an additional treatment before processing:
• with acids for Cristaline (bespoke shimmering frosted glass), Cristalsteps (non-slip treatment for stair treads or custom floor tiles) or Cristalgrades (bespoke gradient frosted privacy treatment on glass doors and partitions)
• with coloured lacquers for laktrans (translucent colour lacquering) and etched lakopac (etched sandblasting + colour lacquering)

The glass finish is determined by the grit size of the blasted sand. From micro grit to coarser grit, from translucent finishing powder to gradient sandblasting media, DBI’s know-how for a variety of applications and incomparable results.

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Application of one or more coats of coloured lacquer on the glass panel’s back for your splash backs, wall coverings for doors and partitions, or signage.

The coloured lacquers are applied in the workshop and allow infinite variations on many shades, with an opaque, glittery or metallic finish with a textured effect… Our techniques are constantly evolving to offer you one-of-a-kind customisation and finish.

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