Period etchings

Still part of the know-how of DBI artisan glass makers, acid etched glass panels (1890-1930s) are a hallmark of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. Ever since its inception, DBI has honed its craft on such figurative scenes and floral motifs. If part of or even the whole panel scene has been broken into pieces, we recover the shattered designs by putting them together again like a glass jigsaw puzzle and subsequently redraw them completely by hand like in the old days to guarantee the same effect as for the whole set of panels.

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Mousseline etched glass

During this same period (1890-1930), various decorative treatments and patterns emerged such as stipple embossing or etching in one or more tones on various glass supports used at the time (coloured flashed glass, moulded glass, etc.). The various patterns such as period mousseline and embossing motifs are still produced in our workshops with great precision and care.

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Decorative mirrors

Mirrors are different glass substrates and provide a most interesting decorative feature, as they transform a simple substrate into a real object. Like in the Art Nouveau period, different engraving techniques can be used to let light through in some areas of the mirror, in the form of either a border or a particular pattern. Each object is custom made and therefore unique.

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