Contemporary art

Wall coverings

We can use some of the many processes available in our workshops to customise wall coverings such as kitchen splash backs, shower panels or fit out and personalise a private interior design or retail unit. The different acid tones or lacquered patterns in infinite colour variations transform the interior architecture of a place into a demonstration of technical, aesthetic and visual creativity.

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Doors, partitions and staircases

The primary purpose of our acid etching treatments is to personalise all types of glass doors and partitions.
Using the different acid tones as well as gradient acid etching, privacy can be created in certain rooms or venues while enhancing the decorative aspect.
We also provide floor tiles and stair treads with a non-slip treatment, which adds a “practical” function to the mere decorative feature.
You can count on our graphics department to suggest projects that best reflect your wishes and your creativity.

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Furniture and objects

Table tops, countertops or even desks can be customised to make them look like original objects with a unique design.
Mirrors, too, can become an art piece or a central feature in the design of a living room by combining different engraving techniques and an infinite number of patterns…
It is even possible to produce some board games in glass, thus turning a simple game set into a collector’s item. (Chess boards, local “Pion des trous” game, etc.)

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